Trying to get back into fingerboarding.. HELP!?


I walked into my local skate shop recently and the cashier was fingerboarding. He had a pretty nice set up and it had been years since I rode a fingerboard, so I challenged him to a game of skate… I beat him pretty badly, everyone was impressed. it encouraged me to start fingerboarding again and potentially try to get sponsored in the future. I bought one of those 32mm tech decks and threw some old china wheels and tape on it that I had laying around. I’m still pretty good but obviously not getting the performance I’m looking for. I’ve looked into buying a new setup but there’s so many new brands than before! I’ve noticed things have also gotten wider. I’ve been considering 34mm but I don’t know how well all the wheels work with those dynamic trucks? I might just stick with 32mm BRTs to play it safe. As for wheels I’m completely lost. I’m interested in a bigger, softer wheel and I’ve noticed Joycult is pretty popular these days but I’m not sure what else to compare to. I obviously need some good tuning suggestions too. Does tape even matter or can I just use any brand?

Please help me by leaving some tips/suggestions bellow :slight_smile:

#2 (Burt is dropping some decks this week, keep an eye out on his instagram for exact time and day - )


Welcome back, I appreciate how you must be feeling, I had a 5 year break and when I got back everything had changed.
Some other wheels to consider are Oak wheels. Tuning comes down to personal preference, the same with tape, but you can’t go wrong with some fbs extra smooth.