Twisted Y key hardware


I just recived a non workable Y Tool for my Y trucks which i wanted to unscrue and put the new deck on them…
What do you think i should do>?
Contact them ?
Or anybody have the 2 maybe and want to sell for some lower price or just send it to me?
Dudes i just wanna change the board- can’t belive this is happening :thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I would probably just message them, this is what happens when you use different hardware from everyone else lol.


Thanks Cory - i emailed them - will see what happens :upside_down_face:


Yo dude, I have some extras and don’t mind sending one of you covered shipping but that may be more than another tool from them since I’m in the us :sweat:


Let me know though!


Thanks dude,i email the Yellowood and thay said they will send me another one because thay see that this Y tool is somehow demaged…
Thanks wery much btw
I put the new griptape and im rolling again…
Last night chalenge - kickflip to salad grind ledge backside 180 kickflip out :grinning:


Nice dude! :raised_hands:t2:


Today i received the Y-key hardware without errors from Yellowood store :smiley:
This is the proof that they are respected the deal with this one for sure to endure!!


If anybody needs a one i have which can be used as a tool for screwing and unscrewing the trucks i can send it anywhere - of course with the fact that you pay the shipping :slight_smile: