Unpopular Opinion: Baker Graphics


I’m sorry, but with all the hype on ‘Baker Spoof Graphics’ and all these companies releasing graphics with a knock of graphic of Baker Skateboards, it’s kind of making the fingerboard scene lame. I’m sorry, but does originality not exist anymore, or what? Kind of the reason why I quit. You see Flatface doing knock offs of Bobs Burgers graphics, multiple different companies doing Baker graphics, etc. The list goes on.

That’s my two cents, I could be wrong though.

What’s everyones thoughts?


You are fbmeme! :smiley:


Remember when people were doing Welcome Skateboard replicas?

Remember when people were using Sally Hanson Salon Effects for custom truck paintjobs?

The list goes on and on and on but the one question remains.


Honestly let fads come and go, no need to fight the uphill current. And instead put that time into making Hook Ups replicas the next big thing.


Sally Hanson’s were different compared to Baker Graphics lol.

I remember back in 2010 when people were original and actually put time and effort into making decks, similar to Rad Ramps, Blosom, etc. now it’s just a trend that’s sticking with finger boarding companies to get business.



I’l flood the market with them if i find a method to put good graphics on !


Then I’d quit.

Good deal.



Just don’t support those brands then. There are more original brands than there are unoriginal nowadays. Plenty of brands have their own concept, feel and aesthetic that enrich our communities culture.


I agree with Josh. Just don’t support those companies. If you don’t like them than don’t buy them. If it bugs you that much than you’re in fingerboarding for the wrong reason.


Exactly what I thought!

Anyway it’s barely any companies in reality that do it. You’re making a big deal over nothing, I’m very proud of you :heart:


You’re s’childish


Can we get some numbers of how many companies are making these decks?
Also what’s your opinion on tech deck graphics?