Vinyl Table Top


So I know my case is not the norm, but i figured I put my experience here to share anyhow.

I was given an 8 ft table, the kind your grandpa used at house parties and stuff. Folding legs style. The top was in pretty awful condition but 8 ft of park was gonna be great. So, for a few weeks on Sunday Session we dealt with the poopy surface using tape to cover the holes and dips.

Then i used wood filler to fix it. That lasted a week and I looked on amazon and found Vinyl peel and stick tile for 11$. The idea was from mi.stonedfingas, i remembered it from months ago when he mentioned using some.

The table is pretty great, and the surface works very well with the blue locttite tacky stick stuff for obstacles too!


Share a picture :smiley:

#3 @Andrija116


Nice sesh!! And the vinyl top looks good