Wanted Items!


Btw, I’d be happy to offer a ‘finder’s fee’ if you don’t have those wheels yourselves but you know a guy who knows a guy who’s dating a girl who’s brother has a friend who’s cousin may have a set he’s looking to sell.


This is probably a stretch, but I’ve been really obsessive about finding a Berlinwood Wide deck with the “Love Me Arm” graphic still in tact. I saw someone selling one on Instagram the other day, which really surprised me, but the graphic was all chipped up from nose-to-tail and I couldn’t pull the trigger. I’m really only interested if the deck is in good condition, but I know beggars can’t be choosers. Here’s what it looks like:



I’m currently look for nocomply wheels! If anyone has them or knows someone who’s trading or selling some, please let me know.


want to trade my brts and white ff wheels for dynamics (any kind) and oaks (any kind) or just wheels4wheels or trux4trux or sum


Wanting to purchase a new setup - Not looking for anything specific. I’m used to Berlinwood, Level Up, Besour, Yellowood and the G15 Shapes. I prefer Oaks, Flatface G6’s and also Blackriver 32’s in silver and Y Trucks x4.

Let me know what you’re selling and also post pictures :slight_smile:


I have some that are black from tech decks, how many you looking for?


Searching for a well made volcano! Morph used to make the best I’ve seen but aren’t around any longer :confused: help me out!


I have a shortwood 27 or 29mm, from back in the day. That was the company name for the first few years I think


I have 2 sets of dynamic hangars for trade if your interested, I’m looking for brt hangars


@fingercrampss Would you be interested in selling them?
Ive got no comply wheels too but they are pretty old.


I have ton’s off them


id possibly be interested, my ig is @fingercrampss if you wanna dm me


I dont use ig, i’ll pm from here, is that ok?


if anyone has super thrashed or wore down brts ill buy them or trade for them, i wanna make some outdoor setups but i dont like any other trucks really haha.


Looking for 32mm pro trucks, hit me up


can you dm me on Instagram @targetaqu1red


Want to buy this blackriver rail. ONLY THIS COLORWAY (MATTE, RAW METAL, NOT POLISHED).


Looking for a techdeck picnic bench the red one :smiley:


ONLY because I’m not willing to let any of mine go… haha



I think I tried buying this but you wouldn’t ship to UK? could you make a exception for me? :innocent: