Wanted Items!


Looking for Y Trucks x4’s or x5’s and BRT’s.


Want to trade my grand fingers ghostride 8.0 bowl wheels for white/light link oak minis. EU only. Wheels were used for about 3 weeks and they are in perfect condition. Those wheels are around 30 euro worth. DM me for more on ig @tomoofb :slight_smile:


Is anyone selling a mini fire hydrant?


Bro, got mine on aliexpress, $7 including shipping



Loking for Ytrucks 32mm silver and Oak wheels Masonic Blue Rv2 for normal price :slight_smile:


I am interested in buying a wide (30mm) old mold Berlinwood with nice coloured plies. If there are any wider ones I may be interested too, I can’t remember all of the variants that were available. Please let me know what you have with a price. I live in New Zealand so would need it shipped there which I am happy to pay for.


Bro, katha @KathaFBS (http://www.fingerboardstore.de/en/oak-wheels-rv2-masonic-blue.html) has them on sale at the moment


long shot but ive missed the catfish stock yesterday with the new graphic.

really wanted a embossed freshwater in 34mm.

anyone got one and would sell it? id also pay a bit more. this has become my favourite combination of any deck ive seen so far and i dont know, if itll be available again.


Looking for clear wheels! Flatface or any kind, to fit on brrs too. Got stuff to trade, but more looking to buy!


yooo im looking to buy some too


hey man, i can hook you up with a deck and some trucks to get you going if youre interested


I wouldn’t get too excited about the matte rails. I used to have an iron square rail and had to throw it in the bin because it rusted so badly.



Looking for this deck if anyone has one for sale! Just send me a PM, willing to pay extra!


Looking for an astral shape Skowood deck, and a BRR Pocket Quarter, got plenty of stuff to trade so if anyone has either please message me. Will trade Joycult OGs in great condition if someone has both.


Looking for some more tech deck riser pads. If you have any lying around i’ll take them off your hands. PM me


Looking for Teck - Deck wooden board 32mm # 102 mm in this LogoBaker%20Dollin

To be shipped to Serbia

I will leave the details when somebody makes this board with the smooth grip tape with the Teck - Deck printed design…

Thank you in Advance


Looking for a woob cozy shape. Thank you :slight_smile:


Looking for black river trucks


Still after any old flints if anyone has any :blush:


Looking for the original close up metal core wheels. Please let me know if you have any, even one as I own three xD