Wanted Items!


Looking for Y Trucks x4’s or x5’s and BRT’s.


Want to trade my grand fingers ghostride 8.0 bowl wheels for white/light link oak minis. EU only. Wheels were used for about 3 weeks and they are in perfect condition. Those wheels are around 30 euro worth. DM me for more on ig @tomoofb :slight_smile:


Is anyone selling a mini fire hydrant?


Bro, got mine on aliexpress, $7 including shipping



Loking for Ytrucks 32mm silver and Oak wheels Masonic Blue Rv2 for normal price :slight_smile:


I am interested in buying a wide (30mm) old mold Berlinwood with nice coloured plies. If there are any wider ones I may be interested too, I can’t remember all of the variants that were available. Please let me know what you have with a price. I live in New Zealand so would need it shipped there which I am happy to pay for.


Bro, katha @KathaFBS (http://www.fingerboardstore.de/en/oak-wheels-rv2-masonic-blue.html) has them on sale at the moment


long shot but ive missed the catfish stock yesterday with the new graphic.

really wanted a embossed freshwater in 34mm.

anyone got one and would sell it? id also pay a bit more. this has become my favourite combination of any deck ive seen so far and i dont know, if itll be available again.