What are the best locknuts?


Hey everyone! I’m curious about what you think are the best locknuts, since I keep losing my bushings and wheels with certain locknuts. I know there are a lot of companies these days selling locknuts, so I want to single out what the overall best locknuts are. Please use your personal knowledge and use of the products that you guys mention, so I can get the best result. Please tell me your favorite locknuts, with the price, website, and your reason why this is the best product.

Example: Broken Knuckle locknuts
-7.99 usd
I like these nuts because of the decent price, and the great performance. I think these are the best nuts, since they’ve never stripped, and they look really good.

You guys can also tell me how to trouble shoot my locknuts, or if you have a tip on how you use locknuts.

My past issues :

Dynamic trucks locknuts I used the nuts that came with the trucks only
-the nuts feel tight on the hangar, but when I use them they fall off
-the nuts feel stripped

2kr trucks locknuts
-the nuts are fine, except that the nylon insert is stripped/gone
-for some reason they don’t work on TDLB trucks, it might be due to the thread length on the trucks


Try the new locknuts from Idle.


Yeah I was just thinking to get them!


I’ve tried many… my best advice, is make sure they are brass… and don’t pay too much. Lol FBS locknuts are good, but not worth $10. I just got 6 packs of locknuts from Redwolf, $6 for a set of 6 (I paid $5 a set when he had them on sale last week) and I swear… they are the exact same nuts as FBS. Absolutely no difference whatsoever. So, broken knuckles are good, but for a lower price, red wolf’s are better.


Here they be


I’ve had that problem too - the nylon rings quickly popped out of each of my 2KR nuts after tightening them all the way.


Thanks for the help!