What kind of fisheye do you use for your phone?


Wassup guys, I want to start getting some clips but I want a fisheye lens for my iPhone. I just wanted to see what your guys are using and what you guys think is the best?


I use the “Death Lens Clip On Fisheye” and I think it’s suuuper good!


The death lens is probably the best… BUT, the one at 5 Below is pretty damn good… and it’s only $5. Lol


I might have to go with the death lens then, thanks guys for you input


Is this the website you were talking about? I can’t find the lens unless I’m not looking hard enough


Its a IRL store tbh I didnt even know they had a website.


Rhinoshield.io mod case and HD wide Lens… I had deathlens pro and their case, but honestly Deathlens cases are pure garbage and the two I had broke in a week… and I never dropped my phone.


You can look for a 238° fisheye lens on Amazon. I got one for less than 20 bucks and it’s awesome.


Got this from Wally World


I just got this new Amir 3-in-1 lens. There is a fish eye, wide angle, and macro lens. They all are pretty great and super inexpensive on amazon. I paid about 16 that’s with shipping and it does a great job. Check out my latest edit on my instagram @nano__fb and compare it to my other videos to see what I’m talking about.