What kind of music do you listen too?


Wassup guys, I just thought it would be good to start this so we can all find some new music to listen too lol So what kind of music do you listen to while your practicing?? Over the past 3 days, I’ve been seshing to nothing but full MF DOOM albums



Lately, I’ve been blasting Fleshgod Apocalypse though.


My friend use to listen to them and showed me couple songs. The drummer is crazy lol ever heard of Animals as leaders?


The drummer is the main reason I love them. Lol such a nice guy. We played with them a few years ago (weird lineup… we aren’t NEARLY as heavy as them) and he was the coolest… we ate about 16 jalapeno cheddar Brats between the two of us. Lmao
I HAVE heard of Animals as Leaders!


Current and old rap along with some Billy Joel, Tom Petty, Pink Floyd, OAR, and Dave Matthews Band


That’s pretty sick! Sounds like a pretty chill guy lmao


Blazo - Colors of Jazz albums are my go to whenever I don’t know what to put.

Tonyhawk Proskater and Underground soundtracks playlists never gets old.

Meshuggah makes me feel like I understand gravity better than I actually know.

Anything not 4/4 so I feel sophisticated with my sophisticated tricks



Big up Doom!!


I really have been digging $uicideboy$, Germ, Rvmirxz, and Pouya lately.

However, I listen to other hip hop with substance like WuTang, The Grouch, Dose One, Eyedea, ect

I’m also a big fan of metal, I love The Black Dahlia Murder, Necrophagist, pig Destroyer, Leftover Crack / Choking Victim, And all kinds of other random shit


Ive always liked flatbush zombies, night lovell, $uicideboy$, pouya some mac miller, earl sweatshirt just that kind of rap but i also really enjoy instrumental music and like lofi hiphop beats i have a pretty nice playlist on my soundcloud that i listen too when im seshing, very relaxing



I’m a professional studio musician, so I like everything. But, I primarily listen to Modern Jazz, Noise, and 90’s trap.


Meshuggah is killer. Crazy polyrhythmic displacements, but all in 4/4. You reminded me to listen to them!


If you like meshuggah and jazz , Next on the list is : Mats/Morgan Band


I listen to Punk, Easycore, Rock, Metal, and some pop music.


Reggae, 70’s hard rock, and Three 6 Mafia


80’s metal, psych, stoner, dream,… The heavy eyes and sabbath are my fav bands