What other hobbies do you have?


Hey guys, besides fb and skate, what else do you do?

I chill with my kids, play PubG, and make the most mfin DELICIOUS bbq ever.


I’ve been peepin’ your Instagram and my god… the stuff you whip up is godlike!


Thanks man. It’s also my job. I work for a govt contractor and slang bbq. It’s become a huge passion of mine and I really try to make everything smackin lol.


Looks yummy af! :yum:

My other hobbies are playing violin, doing art, and drawing stuff like this:


I also mess with cars, I’m part of the biggest import car family. Stared locally and we’re now world wide


Those are sick! I like geometric art


Boosted? N/A

Not a huge JDM guy as of right now. I’ve got a e28 that im currently building


N/A for now. Going Kradtwerks super charger in the future.


Those look nice but I’m not that much into that car thing :smiley:


Supercharging is definitely the safer route (more reliable), but something about Hondas want be to go big turbo everytime though.


Very true, id love to go turbo but I really don’t want to seal with the headache that is my transmisson. They’re weak in this generation of civic.
I can boost to 300 whp on stock internals with the SC kit I’m gonna go with.


I love riding motorcycles and also i do downhill longboarding since 2013. I’m a 3D inphographer and concept artist and i love make some fb graphics

Thats’s me!


Awesome man! I hope to buy my first bike next year.


Nice! Actually i’m riding a KTM Duke 390 and i loveeeeeee it! :heart_eyes:

Is the last pic i promise hahaha


I’ve heard theyre a weakpoint. Its crazy how well stock internals on the civics hold with some boost.


Yee these K20s have a lot of build room. One of my boys has his maxing at 9k rpm with a big ass turbine tics snail. That thing screams. I think he’s on tranny #4 :joy::joy:


I’m a die-hard fan of anything basketball, and I am a red-black stripe in taekwondo.


I rly like to play guitar and bass n stuff, and real skating. I also have a heavy interest in cars and mods #jdm4life

  • CSGO
  • Hardcore shows
  • Car shit (have a GTI right now, just got an FRS I’ll be widebodying and shit)
  • Spending all my money on band shirts/polo sport


Huge Suzuki Samurai fan. Own two. Also own a 1987 Dodge Raider which is a project. My other hobbies are slot cars and z scale trains.