What other hobbies do you have?


I‘m into cycling, running and swimming. Like that Ironman stuff and marathons. If anyone is on STRAVA, just hook me up


A piece of wood with wheels on is my life, so if I’m not fingerboarding, then I’m skateboarding;-)


I have a longboard cruiser, a ukulele and a sewing machine. I sew miniature fb couches, clothes, bags or whatever comes to my mind.


IT-Stuff, Adruino, Family and Ukulele :sunglasses::ok_hand:


besides fingerboarding, i love to ride my Fixie. I do that more or less on a daily base. And since we live in the freakin future i enjoy going back and take analog pictures and shoot with different kknd of cameras. Just bought a mini DV :call_me_hand:t2::call_me_hand:t2::call_me_hand:t2:
Another hobby of me is more or less collecting video game consoles :call_me_hand:t2::pray:t2:


Other then fingerboarding and work, all I do is surf, play the ukulele, and just basically go to the beach lol when I get better I’m think about making a edit at a beach :thinking:


Bro a edit at the beach would be sick!

I did one in Germany at the beach.
you might like it @Father.Kai


That was awesome dude! Some pretty cool shots in there :call_me_hand:t5:


thanks man! im hyped to see a fingerboard video at the hawaiian beach!


Give me a couple of weeks then I gotchu! I’m getting a new set up in the mail, with a little practice and some clips I’ll get it done


Really, really love mountain biking, although very expensive to get a really good full suspension bike it’s worth it. Also enjoy hiking and camping, but when the weather isn’t nice enough for that I really enjoy PC gaming with friends. Used to be into cars, recently owned a 2013 Civic si but have since traded it for a Subaru outback to support the outdoor hobbies and snow


I love music… been in the same band for 11 years now. I am also an avid mask collector, and car guy. Lol I have a 412hp Mazda miata, a 308hp 2005 mini Cooper S, and a 290hp AWD Mini Countryman S.


Skateboarding for sure, even though im starting to feel the age :rofl:
Other than that, i would say Elder Scrolls Online on PS4, i’m always there wrecking people


a 400whp miata sounds like a good ass time.


I work in a local vapestore, but i have an degree as graphic designer so drawing/designing is my next go to thing. Used to be a big gamer, but that time kinda past on with me growing older. I do play the occosional games but im starting to replace that more by making decks nowadays. Gives me more satisfaction in the end .


Would love to see your z scale layout todd.


I like to drink. Work, fingerboard and drink. My life circle :o:


My top priority hobbies and the joy of my life accordingly are language learning and travelling. As a freelancer, I can travel around the globe and live almost everywhere. My last trip was in Russia. I studied in language camp and discovered the Russian culture. Highly recommend this russian language school Moscow for all the travellers.


Video games and power rangers and as Jay put it making babies ha


Ayyy I’m glad you’re still around man!