What other hobbies do you have?


Great to see you around Martin!


Skateboarding, clothes and crypto currencies. I also started getting into Fortnite with some friends.


Mr Martin Ills???


Sure is!
Is that Mr Nick Allen?


Great to see you Chris. Thank you so much for doing this brother xx


That would be me. Glad to see you around man


Dooooood… it is way too much fun. 70mph in 5th, just step on the gas… it spools up, and starts sliding sideways down the highway. lol


Apparently my mask pics didn’t save. lol
I have 111 masks in my collection right now, but here are a few of my more rare/favorite ones


And yes… that’s the real American Gothic house… they actually agreed to let us wear the masks. I’m the pretty one in the dress. Lol


Are you part of Hidden Face Army or are you aware of El Pasty Guerro?


I am not… but I DO know of them. Lol


Lol fo sho. Some weird dudes. My good friend is friends with A Band of Orcs, I leared about all that stuff from those guys.