What other hobbies do you have?


Great to see you around Martin!


Skateboarding, clothes and crypto currencies. I also started getting into Fortnite with some friends.


Mr Martin Ills???


Sure is!
Is that Mr Nick Allen?


Great to see you Chris. Thank you so much for doing this brother xx


That would be me. Glad to see you around man


Dooooood… it is way too much fun. 70mph in 5th, just step on the gas… it spools up, and starts sliding sideways down the highway. lol


Apparently my mask pics didn’t save. lol
I have 111 masks in my collection right now, but here are a few of my more rare/favorite ones


And yes… that’s the real American Gothic house… they actually agreed to let us wear the masks. I’m the pretty one in the dress. Lol


Are you part of Hidden Face Army or are you aware of El Pasty Guerro?


I am not… but I DO know of them. Lol


Lol fo sho. Some weird dudes. My good friend is friends with A Band of Orcs, I leared about all that stuff from those guys.


Yo whats your instagram? I’m all about Hardcore shows out here in AZ. In regards to cars I’m building a Datsun 510. You on the Hardcore merch swap to?

My personal IG is @theworldhasconcrete //fingerboarding is @Arizonafingerskate


Man that bbq looks great!

Really into historical American traditional tattooing. Currently working on completing my back piece with a traditional sailor jerry wolf. Some of my favorite tattooers from the past are Cap Coleman and Bert Grimm.

It still pertains to skating, but I build a lot of local DIY’s for the skate community around
the city I live in. Just finished a 20 foot ledge with a slab of granite on top. Super fun.

My wife loves to hike so I end up doing that on a frequent basis as well.


Wow this is awesome - I love well made masks.


I’m a huge pro wrestling fan (yes I know it’s predetermined lol) and play way too much Madden. Lol


I have a very ADD like personality although I do not have ADD what I mean is that I will get very enthralled with some new hobby and do it for a few months and then move on to something else, I also sometimes go back to those old hobbies I left behind and it’s an endless cycle. I like it this way to be honest because my brain is always thinking about stuff and when I get into new hobbies I notice that the things I learned from trying out some other hobby translate into new ones a lot of times.

Anyways here are my “current” hobbies I guess haha:

Video Games (PC, PS4, Switch)
Playing Basketball
Music Production (Mainly Hiphop/RnB/Trap Beats)
Rapping/Freestyling/Writing Music
Drawing (Digital Drawing specifically)
3D Printing
Obstacle Racing (i.e. Spartan Race, Tough Mudder Etc)


anyone here a cinephile?


Land rovers, travelling in my van and riding downhill. When I’m not doing that I’m just trying to survive