What were those decks?


Does anyone remember the name of the fingerboard company that used to make really nice graphic decks with anime half naked women on back in around 2008-2010 or so? I remember they were very popular at the time.



@Dariomarchini made the decks.


I have this one in my collection.


Could be… I swear I remember the brand starting with the letter D possibly. I remember someone I knew had one and at the time they were the most desirable decks to own; and later the Prete Kura was at the top of the foodchain (I know the maker of those is on this site still now).

By the way I am aware this was an immensely vague post.


Hikikomori fingerboards second life, i did that deck in 2010 under the name of KUTABARE!


I think Shortwood / Flaked did some graphics like that?


It probably was Hikikomori, Upon reflection its style and the way the graphic looks seems to match my memory of my friend’s deck. Thanks for indulging my random inquiry guys.