Who here is into cars? Post what ya got!


Heres my baby, 17 ST 4k milesh
Green Filter
Short Shift Plate
MBRP Catback Exhaust
Steeda Clutch Assist

  • plenty of cosmetic stuff


My baby! 2017 BMW 230i. These pics are when I picked in up in Germany last year!

And when dad’s in a good mood:


wow those rims look so similar to the premium focus st rims https://gusdizon.smugmug.com/Cars/2015-Focus-ST/i-tZtw2L7/1/X3/FocusST_2015_10.31-2086-X3.jpg


Oh man. Got too many of those to even say I only “like” them.

Started getting into them with a 2002 Subaru WRX wagon. Car was hella fun, but also hella rusted. Obviously had to get rid of it because of Subaru’s glass trannies.

I then wanted to experience the RWD life. Mind you, I live in Canada, so most people here always told me that RWD would go nowhere in snow. I didn’t believe it, so I got myself this sweet 1996 328i E36 sedan. Loved this car to death, but couldn’t keep it because of financial issues.

Fast forward maybe a year, I wanted to have myself a toy car again and not just a daily beater. That’s when I decided I wanted a RWD toy car I would keep for good. That’s when this baby came along. A 1992 Toyota MR2 turbo. Straight from Japan. I’m the third owner of this car on North American soil.

By then, I refused to drive the MR2 during winter and destroy it, so I had to get a dedicated winter beater. I could’ve gone cheap, with a random FWD econobox, but found a gem. A dude just happened to be selling a 1990 Mazda Miata for a grand. That has been my winter beater since.

Also not a car, but I also have this baby.


dude that mr2 is sick!! all of the cars look like a blast. I can dig the ninja too I had a 650r but i got rid of it for the ST


2010 Civic Si
Intake, header, exhaust
Wheels, lowered on coilovers
Bride interior that’s not finished
Password JDM kevlar engine bay dress up with Downstar hardware.


best gen civic for sure nice bro


Thanks man. I’ve owned a few others in the past. 92 EG8 ferio, DB8 B20 swap intergra, DA9 Integra, DC4 integra, S12 Silva notchback.

I really love the 6th gen hatch’s though.


Oh man… I have way too many cars. lmao

First my 412HP Mazda Miata.

  • Built to the Kilt
    -Manley rods
    -CP Pistons
    -Head Port and Polish
    -Titanium valves and springs from 417
    -GTK Turbo
    -All Custom Hard Pipes
    -Evo Intercooler
    -MEgaSquirt2 - 4 maps programmed, with quick switch board
    -1000cc injectors
    -3 inch Stainless Catless Turbo Back Exhaust with Megan Muffler
  • Dino Steering Wheel
    -Enkei RPF1 Wheels
    -2003 MazdaSpeed Brakes
    -2004 6 speed Trans
    -Torsen Diff 4:1
    -Short Throw with Heavy ass milled aluminum Shifter
    -Stupid “Style” roll bar
  • D1 coilovers 32 way adjustable
    -D1 sway bars (front and rear)

I cant even list them all without getting too ridiculous. lol


Old Vid right after the build and break-in period

Then My 2003 JCW Mini Cooper S 308HP
-Alta Intake System
-Alta 21% reduction pulley
-1000cc injectors
-SRT4 Intercooler
-M7 coilovers
-Porsche 911 BRakes
-M7 short Throw
-2.75 inch Catless Stainless Mufferless Exhaust from headers back
-M7 strut brace, front and rear
-Yakima Roof Rack
-A bunch of Alpine musical sound goodies

Im sure im missing stuff with this car as well


And my Mini Countryman Cooper S ALL4 - 290HP AWD

-Short Throw
-M7 intake system
-M7 hot and cold hard pipes
-M7 front and rear strut brace
-Godspeed 32 way adjustable Coilovers(I know… kill me… lol)
-Forge Atmospheric BOV
-Electronic Wastegate w/dash controller
-M7 street/track intercooler
-Manic Tune (stage 2 @93 octane)
-2.75 inch Catless Stainless Exhaust
-Mini Roof Rack w/homemade sticker bombed wind deflector

And a stupid vid of the exhaust sound. From where I filmed, you cant hear the BOV over the exhaust but the BOV is LOUD AS HELL. lol

I also have a 1992 Mazda RX7, but the Case is cracked and in my shop waiting for my lazy ass to replace it. Ill try to get some pics of it. Its pretty much stock with rims, intake, BOV, and exhaust…but the body and paint are pristine

And then this bike… Which I’m trying to sell… because its a Sportster. lmao


Damn that miata is a beast, like small cars much?


Haha, a little too much. Always have tiny ass cars. Lol


I’ve got a daily that I don’t entirely care for right now, 2006 325xi. Unexciting and boring but it has heated seats and awd and its not a subaru.

Then I’ve got a e28 that I’ve built. Running mostly OEM+ stuff. I’ve got a LS that ive been toying with the idea of running in it this summer.


My buddy has a 325i and I wasn’t as impressed by it as I thought I would be, not a bad car but I guess I expected a bit more from bmw. Still that e28 is dope


I believe your impressions would change if you took a 325i on the autobahn :wink:

Driving over 150mph (240kmh) in Germany makes you realize that Audi, BMW and Mercedes potential is totally wasted in the USA.


Hell, put me in a VW Beetle on the autobahn and I’ll be in love lol, I would love to be able to go there one day.


BMWs suckkkkkkkkkkkkk in a straight line. Toss one on a track and make sure theyre older then the f80 gens and thats where they shine.


I agree! I’ve been trying to talk my mom into letting me take her 335xi to the track… can’t get her to budge though. Lol


Quite the difference compared to my Miata! hahaha!

Sick cars though!


yours is probably much prettier!!! lol mine needs a paint job badly


Forgot to post my Hilux. My grandpa was the original owner, my dad got it when GPA died. It’s mine now.