Witness Fingerboards


Made in NJ with an NFB mold.

For me, deck making has become such a fun extension of my favorite hobby, as well as a creative outlet. My graphics are heavily influenced by punk/hardcore/horror. If you’re into that type of stuff too, give em a look!



The best. Absolutely


The bottom ones look so dope


Hell yes plz


Thanks man!


I go to school with your cousin Louis man! :joy:


Haha yeah I heard that. That’s awesome! Small world


My shredded Witness deck, Y trucks, Y wheels, Beta Bushings. I love the real wear on these decks.


one of my 5 witnesses. My current favorite for sure. I’ve seen the wear upgrade progression over the last 7 months, and Witness is making things happen.


Love seeing those loved/abused! You guys are the best


another of my Witness setups. I’ve tried many decks, only LA fingerboards and Five Lucks have matched the quality for me. Witnesses are like they were made just for my fingers.


I finally got around to finishing a few decks!



I have a few decks I posted for sale on my bigcartel site…but forums are the best aspects of the fingerboarding community. Since Instagram posts seems to be taking the place of actual conversation around the hobby, I want to cater to anyone who is active on here, the fingerboarding Discord chat, or r/fingerboards. If you’re interested in a deck, DM me and I will sell the deck for $2 less than the price posted on the site. I know $2 isn’t much, but my decks are pretty cheap to begin with relative to a lot of other companies. My decks are pressed in an NFB mold and mostly shaped by hand. Machine made decks are nice and all, but deck making should still be an art form and each deck should feel like a unique creation. Thanks <3


Dont sleep on these decks guys. Witness makes some of the BEST decks in fingerboarding. Hands down.