Wysocki Wheels - Hwite 101A (Sold)


Edit: This item has been sold!

I’m selling my set of Wysocki fingerboard wheels, which I purchased from the Red Wolf FBS web store back in February 2018.

I’ve used the wheels a good amount of times, but they were on a spare setup and weren’t ridden anywhere near daily.

The bearings are still in new condition, but the urethane shows signs of wear and tear on the treads and faces.

They aren’t the smoothest wheels in the world, but they’re fairly grippy, squeak on power slides, and roll for a good distance.

Model: Hwite
Color: White
Durometer: 101A
Size: 6.5mm
Shape : Skate Shape (SS)

This package will include a sheet of generic foam tape and some clear pivot cup material.