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- ReUpload from FingerboardTV - Written and Photographed by @Onkel_Urban -

Hey you guys out there!
Quite a while ago, I received a package from “Red Wolf Fingerboards”
which contained a set of „Wysocki wheels“. I have been spectating
Redwolf for quite a while and always wanted to get my hands on a set of
wysocki wheels. The day came and I was not disappointed. A set of four
„water melon“ colored single bearing wheels were inside with the
hardness of 99A.

The first look was alright. The packaging is basic but works fine.
The finish of the wheels could be better, some leftover urethane bur was
at the bearing whole but came off pretty quick. The performance was not
so well in the beginning. The bearings were stiff, but after 15mins of
fingerboarding the stiffness broke loose and the performance was

The wheels do not wobble or anything. They roll smoothly and the grip
is well. The roll surface of the wheel is about 3mm wide, the diameter
is about 7.5mm which is a regular size. The wheels fit on all Common

Wysocki Wheels
Material: 99A Urethane
Performance: 8 /10
Packaging: 6 /10
Durability: 8 /10

So far I have been enjoying the wheels pretty much, even if I was
wary in the beginning. The grip, the look and the performance are nice.
Even after hard shredding the bearing sits fit in the wheel. I would say
they are pretty durable.

Shoutouts to Redwolffb for hitting me up with those wheels! You guys
should check out his Instagram ►@redwolffb or you go on his Homepage :
Hope you enjoyed this review and thank you for reading!

Cheers guys,

Onkel Urban.
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Great review!!

How do you like the hardness?

Since i saw you ride urethane wheels most of the time, do you think urethane wheels are more prone to wobble than plastic wheels?


The Hardness is lovely.

Yeah i think you will always have a light wobble on Pure Urethane wheels but for example Oak Wheels RV2V or the Flatface Collabo X Oak Wheels is very well made. There is almost no Wobble.


I love my wysockis, and agree with your review. I’d also like to add that Keelan is a great guy, and if you do have any issue with a purchase, he will promptly find a way to make it right.


i aggree keelan is awesome :slight_smile: