Your favourite Instagram accounts


Post your favorite Instagram or other social media channels here. Hyped to see what’s out there.


Hey guys,
here are some of my favorite Instagram channels:

Chris Daniels of course

Jay Linehan

Jeldo Ulpts

Mike Schneider

Berlin Wood

and blackriver-ramps

Sorry if I forgot somebody.
But as these choices are probably pretty popular, I’d like to see what else is out there. So please post away your favorite Instagram and other social media channels, that are fingerboard related.


Ollie already posted a bunch of really good channels! Here are some of my favs, some are new and some are old.





I could post prolly 100 more accounts but dont want take away all the fun! Hope you all enjoy the new forum! Let push Fingerboarding!


oha, thanks buddy :pray::v:




<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 i got shu fam.


@Terp_fb i love fingerboarding :grinning:


Some sick pages to follow

Wush Decks @Wushdecks

Mike Whitcombe @Mike_Whitcombe

Doom.FB @Doom.fb

Lew.FB (Me) @Lew.FB

Benh Dulac @FingeredBenh


@finessefb01 since 2009, when fboarding was good and the people did it for fun





Gonna rep my Seattle brothers that are within 10 min of me


@ifingerboardbad on IG too haha

My favs are @ramonangelow & @sorryforfingerboarding :fire::fire::fire:


@tehfb_,@fingerboarderdev and @FingeredBenh