Zsince2001 Fingerboard Pictures



Here’s a spot for Zarko’s photos!



I think i made it back in 2001 or 2002 from pure wood just with sandpaper/emery paper
His width is 3 cm and 8 mm and height 12 cm and 4 mm…
I glued normal sandpaper and slowly start doing some basic tricks which i saw somewhere on the television with the real Tech - decks from people around the globe…
I dont have recorded material back then with this board
I also did a one more and maked and axle from the wood and putted some tiny wheels from the little toy cars i destroyed just for the purpose of making the rideable one which i lost in some progres of time back then


That’s so cool man! That’s really good for your first deck! My first homemade board was out of cardboard in 1998!


Cardboard - thats also nice,i did not know know about Fingerboarding back in 1998,just playing some Sony Play Station games and favorite one was Tony Hawk’s Pro skater 2 :]


So cool dude it’s kind of like a wooden hells nail!


That’s what the girls who don’t know about fingerboarding would say about this one, but I get the joke dude :]



This is my last photo captured in ‎29. ‎december ‎2017th,1:00:14. when i was riding only wood and like decided to ride more wooden slides and flips to woden railng and sliding,flips to manuals,etc…
It was a ride two day before New Year and unforgettable one because of that boardslides on wooden ledges - I really enjoy them :innocent:


First unpacked photos captured back in 10. ‎july ‎2017th…
Assembled ones in 11.july 2017th…
For the first full assemble I assembled the axles backwards :smile:
After that I unscrew it and assembled the axles in the correct position :slight_smile:


i saw that you assembled the trucks backwards :smiley:


Yeah, I really don’t know how that happened, I didn’t assemble a setup a few years so that just happened randomly, I was excited and pretty tense so I think that was the reason :crazy_face:



I went in Belgrade to try to dig out the “Spiral Bong Blaze Supply” and sucseed to pull him out from the between space where i lost it…
And after some time which was quite a bit of torture with my wooden branches, shoelace and super glue I captured these photos and stick the branches as a reminder to stay there as an official reminder of a proud success for taking him out from that meter long and 5 cm wide between area.

Captured:25. ‎november ‎2017th, ‏‎22:06:12.



This happens time to time but i captured the proces of puting it into axle with super famous glue which i used for taking him out of that meter long and 5 cm wide between area at “Vukov spomenik”
Captured:3. ‎december ‎2017th - ‏‎14:07:32.


7](upload://32gHw74Iq0lFrDvsgXyWN1Vc9yg.JPG)IMG_7451IMG_7456IMG_7455IMG_7452IMG_7457IMG_7454IMG_7453IMG_7459IMG_7458One of the first nf the first

One is the kicker with length of 27 cm and width 7 cm and 6 mm and height of 5 cm and 4 mm
Other one is the wooden grind with length of 32 cm and 2 mm,holder width 6 cm and height of 3 cm and 8/9 mm

I do not have recordings with tricks i did on this kicker and wooden grind,just remember that i did some extra fun riding and teaching the basics grinds and kickflips and shove its and i really don’t remember what kind bag of tricks i did on these ones but i plan to do some videos in the future again on them…


I love the kicker!!